Courtney Cox gets ‘Friends’ Reunion with Aniston and Kudrow on Walk of Fame


Courteney Cox was recently honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and her friends from the hit TV show “Friends” were there to show their support.

Among them were Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow, who gave a joint speech in honor of their longtime friend.

In their speech, Jennifer and Lisa spoke about their strong bond with Courteney, likening it to that of sisters.

They also joked about the length of their friendship, with Jennifer quipping that 30 years since they first met must be a typo. Lisa added a touch of humor to the speech by calling Courteney the only famous person in the cast.

Despite the jokes, the two stars expressed genuine admiration and appreciation for Courteney. Jennifer described her as an “inclusive, warm, loving” person and shared that she was nervous when she first met her, considering herself a “huge fan.”

Lisa lovingly mentioned that Courteney was the reason the ensemble was so tight all those years.

Courteney herself spoke about her time on “Friends,” saying that the cast went through so much together and there was no jealousy, only support.

She also joked that the event could make for a great new episode: “The One Where Phoebe and Rachel Show Up For Monica!”

The mini “Friends” reunion was a heartwarming moment for fans of the show, who have longed for a full-fledged reunion. While there have been rumors and teases, nothing has been officially confirmed. However, the bond between the stars of the show is still as strong as ever, and they continue to support each other in their respective endeavors.

The Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony was a fitting tribute to Courteney’s career and legacy in the entertainment industry. Her star will forever be a symbol of her talent and hard work, as well as the love and support of her friends and fans. As the “Friends” theme song goes, “I’ll be there for you,” and it’s clear that the cast of the show truly embodies that sentiment.


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