Critic’s Warning that ‘Fat People’ Shouldn’t See ‘The Whale’ has Fans Concerned


A critic has warned that ‘fat people’ should not watch the new film The Whale, causing some fans to worry about its content.

Iconic actor, Brendan Fraser, stars in the new Darren Aronofsky drama, which shows a 600 lb character named Charlie reconnecting his relationship with his daughter.

Fraser fans are excited to see the veteran actor return to the silver screen following a pause in his career after a series of health issues. However, critic Katie Rife thinks the show may be problematic for some.

On social media, she wrote:

“I can’t recommend in good conscience that fat people watch The Whale.

“I can’t recommend that skinny people watch it either, since it reinforces the notion that fat people are objects of pity who have brought their suffering upon themselves through lack of coping skills.”

“You can tell that no actually fat peoples were involved in the production,”

“I’m really feeling like s**t after that viewing experience. There’s a scene where the main character drops a key and can’t pick it up, and PEOPLE WERE LAUGHING.”

Read her full review here. 

The movie comes out 9 December 2022.

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