CrossFit Group Jogging Past Restaurant Sparks Mass Panic and Everyone Starts Running


CCTV footage of a CrossFit group has gone viral after guests at a restaurant misunderstood what they were doing.

On 24 September, outside Cervejaria Alphaiate restaurant in Ed California Condo, Brazil, people were relaxing enjoying a nice meal when things took a bizarre turn.

A CrossFit group out on a run went past the business and sparked a mass panic amongst the customers, who all got up and ran away.

Watch below:

In Brazil, a group of people doing CrossFit passed by outside a restaurant, but those eating thought they were running away from something and decided to run away with them from PublicFreakout

It was later revealed that the customers of the restaurant thought it was a planned robbery.

The video has gained popularity online with some people saying:

“They thought they were the victims of ‘arrastão’, a type of crime where a group of thieves runs across gathered people robbing their valuables at gunpoint. Very common on Rio de Janeiro beaches.”

‘It’s not funny, in Brazil they occur in some places, what they call “drag”, that is, they are groups of miscreants that in groups attack many people and rob them. Brazilian citizens are always alert. Currently, the number of this type of robbery has dropped, but it still happens.’


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