Customer ‘Sick of Paying’ for Bags of Chips that are Half Empty Combines 2 Bags at Check Out


A customer has gone viral after combining two bags of chips at the checkout because he is ‘sick of paying’ for half empty bags…

A TikToker by the username @frecakes8 decided it would be a good idea to open two bags of chips at the checkout and combining the contents into one bag, to ‘make up’ one full bag.

The caption reads ‘Sick of paying for a full bag of chips but get ½ of bag,’.

Watch the video below:


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♬ Give the People What They Want – The O’Jays

Others obviously agree with this man, as the video has over 420k views.

Some people commented in agreement:

“People be paying for air and crumb,”

“Bros getting his money’s worth,”

While others commented:

“Not the store’s fault though blame the brand.”

‘definitely [charged] him for two bags’,

Despite the frustration of paying ‘for air’, there is actually a reason for the air at the top of the bag.

The nitrogen gas at the top of a bag of chips stops the product inside being crushed into tiny, non existent crumbs.

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