Damian Lillard Says he Went to his Mom’s Job and Told her to Quit after Signing his First NBA Contract


Damian Lillard claims he went straight to his mom’s job and told her to quit after he signed his first NBA contract.

The 32-year-old told ESPN’s Marc J. Spears that after signing a $13 million deal, he went to his mom’s office and helped her pack up her desk.

Now, the basketball legend has $191 million in career earnings and can support his family.

He told Spears on ‘Andscape‘:

“First thing I did, all right, I’m a millionaire now so I went to my mom’s job and was like, ‘Quit,'”

“I literally went and helped her pack up her desk, everything. ‘They ain’t been doing you right. They’ve been on your ass about every little thing. We ain’t coming back.’ So that was kind of just my initial thought.”

Not going into detail about where his mom worked, the athlete did say, however, that she had been “struggling” and shared an apartment with her sister in San Leandro, California. He added:

“When I finally got drafted and everything was pretty much set, I came home, and we literally went to her job in San Ramon. We walked in, and everybody was aware that I just got drafted … I was like, ‘We quit! We quit!'”

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