David Letterman is Being Praised for his “Respectful” Interview with Billie Eilish about Tourette’s Syndrome


David Letterman, a veteran TV host, has recently faced scrutiny for his past treatment of famous women on his show, The Late Show.

His controversial interviews with celebrities like Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Janet Jackson, and Jennifer Aniston have been criticized for being intrusive, disrespectful, and even cruel.

However, a recent interview with singer Billie Eilish has sparked positive attention and praise for Letterman’s growth and change in his approach.

Billie Eilish, who was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at the age of 11, appeared as a guest on David’s Netflix talk show, My Guest Needs No Introduction, in May last year.

During the interview, Billie experienced a tic on camera, catching David off guard.

Instead of being dismissive or insensitive, David immediately asked Billie what was happening and showed concern. Billie explained that it was a symptom of her Tourette syndrome and that she often experiences tics when she is filmed for a long time.

David apologized for his lack of knowledge about Tourette syndrome and asked Billie if he could ask her questions about it.

Billie, who was enthusiastic about discussing her condition, appreciated the opportunity to talk about it openly. She shared her frustration with how people often react to her tics by laughing, thinking she is trying to be funny, which she finds offensive.

David acknowledged his past mistake of assuming Billie’s reaction was due to something he said and expressed gratitude for being included in the conversation.

As the interview continued, David shared his fear that the interview might have triggered Billie’s tics, showing genuine concern for her well-being.

Billie reassured him that it was not the case. David admitted his lack of knowledge about Tourette syndrome, saying, “I know nothing about this.”

This clip from the interview was shared on TikTok and received praise for David’s respectful approach and seeking permission before asking potentially invasive questions.

Viewers on TikTok and social media applauded David’s growth and change in his interview style.

Many commended his consideration, respect, and curiosity during the interview with the singer.

Some commented that David’s behavior was “classy” and “respectful,”.

Others noted that this was an example of how one can treat someone with respect, even if they don’t fully understand their condition or situation.

Some viewers also contrasted David’s approach in this interview with his past treatment of other celebrities.

People online acknowledged that David used to be perceived as rude and pushy in his interviews, but he seemed to have learned to listen and be more respectful in his old age.

Overall, the interview with Billie was praised as informative, respectful, and a positive example of how to approach sensitive topics and conversations.

Watch below:

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