David Letterman Sat Down with President Zelensky for Netflix Show


David Letterman has interviewed Ukrainian President Zelensky for his Netflix show, ‘My Next Guest’.

The 75-year-old traveled to Ukraine in October to meet Volodymyr Zelensky and they had a conversation in front of a live audience, as is the format of the former ‘Late Show’ hosts series.

In the trailer, the viewer gets to see Letterman making his trip to the European country and he notes that the Russian attacks are still ongoing in the war-torn country.

We then see Letterman shake the hand of the Ukrainian president and the pair sit down.

However, the trailer then cuts off and we don’t get to hear what is asked.

One can only assume the conversation will be incredibly interesting and that the talk show host will ask about everything that has been happening in the last year in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Watch the trailer below:


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