Deadpool 3 will Reportedly Feature Liev Schreiber’s Sabretooth


Exciting news is stirring in the world of mutants and mayhem as it’s been reported that veteran X-Men actor Liev Schreiber is poised to make a return to the iconic role of Sabretooth in the highly anticipated Deadpool 3.

Scooper and industry insider Daniel Richtman recently shared the electrifying scoop, igniting a firestorm of fan speculation. While specific details regarding Schreiber’s character and storyline in Deadpool 3 remain shrouded in mystery, Richtman’s source hints that Schreiber’s role will be more than a mere cameo, promising a substantial presence within the narrative.

As with any tantalizing rumor, it’s essential to exercise caution and maintain a sprinkle of skepticism until the revelation is officially corroborated by Marvel Studios and Disney. However, the mere prospect of Schreiber returning as the ferocious Sabretooth has sent ripples of excitement through the Marvel and X-Men fanbase.

If this thrilling rumor comes to fruition, Schreiber won’t be the sole mutant with razor-sharp claws gracing the Deadpool 3 screen. Hugh Jackman, renowned for his iconic portrayal of Wolverine, has already confirmed his reprisal of the beloved Logan character. This decision, coming after Jackman had declared his Wolverine days behind him following the release of 2017’s Logan, has undoubtedly added an extra layer of intrigue to Deadpool 3’s development.

Jackman candidly disclosed his change of heart regarding Wolverine, admitting that he initially considered himself retired from the role. However, a pivotal moment during a viewing of the first Deadpool film in 2016 served as the catalyst for his return. “I’m a terrible poker player,” Jackman playfully remarked, “All this time I was saying I was done, I really meant it. But anyway, somewhere deep down, this idea was obviously lurking and brewing. I was 20 minutes into watching Deadpool, and I had just announced, literally, a few weeks before that Logan was going to be my last [time playing Wolverine], which I fully intended. And then I was like, ‘Uh-oh.'”

For Schreiber, the prospect of reprising Sabretooth, a character he had previously portrayed in the X-Men franchise, was one he had hoped for but ultimately missed out on, especially in the context of Jackman’s swan song in Logan. “It was very difficult given Ray Donovan’s schedule, and I think they went a different direction as well with the story,” Schreiber reflected in 2017. “I think it’s a terrific movie. I’m just very proud of Hugh and the way that he handled himself with that franchise and that character. It was a great experience to be involved with one of them and to get to work with them. I had mixed emotions when I heard that he was going to retire.”

In a more recent update in early 2023, Schreiber clarified that Marvel Studios had not initiated any discussions regarding his return as Sabretooth. “They didn’t ask me. No, I mean, I don’t think he was part of that story, you know?” he explained. “I would have loved to bring Victor back, anytime anywhere, but he wasn’t part of that narrative. I wonder if I’m getting a little long in the tooth, so to speak, but probably not for Sabretooth.”

Deadpool 3, poised to blend the anarchic humor and irreverent charm of Wade Wilson with the enigmatic allure of Schreiber’s Sabretooth and Jackman’s Wolverine, is scheduled to hit theaters on May 3, 2024. Until then, fans eagerly await further confirmations and tantalizing teasers that will undoubtedly punctuate the journey to this highly anticipated cinematic extravaganza.

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