Detective Breaks Down Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Body Language During Trial


A man who claims to be a retired detective broke down Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s body language during the defamation trial.

The man uses his TikTok account, which has over 775,500 followers, to analyse the footage of the ongoing trial.

In one of his videos, he claims why he believes Depp is being truthful.

Watch the video below:


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In the video, the man says:

“As a domestic violence investigator someone asked me to look at Johnny Depp’s testimony…if this is true, its gold.”

When playing the clip of Depp in court, the actor is describing two alleged incidents.

One of which, where he had allegedly barricaded himself into a room and Heard was pushing the door, trying to get in.

Another incident was described, where he talks about the infamous finger injury, where the Pirates of the Caribbean actor claimed that Heard threw a bottle and the resulting shattered glass severed his fingertip.

User @purepower34 talks about how Depp is going through the motions, with his body. The actor is not simply sat still while describing what he claims happened, but is reenacting what he was doing at the time of the alleged incident.

The retired investigator said:

“if i’m interviewing a clerk on an armed robbery and they start mimicking the motions…they are ACCESSING memories.”

“Generally speaking a deceptive person doesn’t do that BECAUSE they don’t have those MEMORIES.”

“Much of Johnny’s testimony comes off as truthful and that’s why”

At the time of writing, this video has over 7.2 million views.

The former detective posted another video analysing Heard’s body language in the courtroom and claims he has some suspicion due to her body language and word choice.


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He talks about the actress “putting on a sad face” claiming that she is doing this for show as “when you’re actually sad, the muscles in your face relax and your whole face droops.”

He says that he believes she doesn’t go into much detail about the alleged physical altercations and “skips past” them, talking more about what happened before and after and naming “unimportant details”.


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His opinions is definitely interesting …

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