Doja Cat Triggers Trypophobia Outbreak at Paris Fashion Week

Doja Cat’s latest outfit at Paris Fashion Week has sparked a trypophobia outbreak amongst some viewers. The American rapper’s all-red ensemble, designed by fashion designer Schiaparelli, featured 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals. Schiaparelli captioned the slow-mo video of the outfit on Instagram as ‘Doja Cat Couture’, and it was part of the Haute Couture SS23 show held at Petit Palais in Paris. Watch below:  
The outfit included a ‘red silk faille bustier’ and ‘hand-knit skirt of lacquered wooden beads’, topped off with ‘trompe l’œil toe boots’ and named ‘Doja’s Inferno’.
Trypophobia is an irrational fear of a cluster of tiny holes. Healthline describes it as “feel queasy, disgusted, and distressed when looking at surfaces that have small holes gathered close together or clustered into a pattern”.
Many viewers took to social media to express their discomfort with the outfit, with comments such as “My trypophobia has been activated”, “trypophobia is hitting” and “Looks like a dermatological disease”. However, the outfit also received praise from some viewers, with comments such as “This is creative fashion art”, “It’s giving alien superstar vibes” and “Unreal”.
Doja Cat herself has previously responded to criticism of her fashion choices, stating on Twitter “All of my makeup has a story and there are absolutely 0 rules and if there were you wouldn’t be the one making them. People need to realize that not everything is meant to sexy or have sex appeal”.
The look included 30,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals. What are your thoughts on the look?

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