Donnell Rawlings Says Chris Rock and Will Smith are Even after Slap


Donnell Rawlings hopes that the feud between Chris Rock and Will Smith will finally be put to rest following Chris’ recent response to the Oscars incident.

The comedian, who is close with Chris, believes that no one has the right to dictate how comedians respond to controversial topics.

TMZ reported that Donnell expressed that there are no winners in this beef and that hopefully, this war is over now that Chris has addressed the issue.

Donnell is slamming those who criticized Chris’ jokes, stating that it was old news and that no one has the right to put a timeline or restrictions on how comedians can respond.

Some people, however, are upset with Chris.

The Root senior writer Candace McDuffie believes that Chris deserved the slap following years of jokes that she believes targeted Black women like Jada Pinkett Smith.

Donnell believes that anyone who has a problem with Chris’ jokes is insane because they are just jokes, and he does not agree with the theory that jokes incite violence against a particular group.

As for Will, Donnell thinks he should be able to take a joke because Chris was able to take the slap.

Although Chris and Will have yet to speak to each other, Donnell is hopeful that they can both get closure on the matter after Chris’ verbal “clap back.”

Regarding what’s next for both entertainers now that things are tit for tat, Donnell did not provide any specific insights. However, he hopes that this feud will be put to rest and that both Chris and Will can move forward.

Watch the interview below:

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