DoorDash driver divides opinion after eating customer’s food who didn’t tip


In the ongoing debate surrounding tipping culture in the US, a DoorDash driver has become the center of public outrage after confessing on TikTok to eating the food of customers who don’t tip for his deliveries. This revelation has reignited discussions about tipping etiquette, especially in the context of app-based delivery services.

The TikTok user, known as @sidehustleaddict, shared a video from his car, expressing frustration with DoorDash customers who don’t add a tip to their orders. He humorously showcased a recent order from a non-tipper, emphasizing the potential consequences of not tipping, such as longer wait times.

In the video, he playfully rummages through the delivered food, revealing items like a hash brown, a steak breakfast chalupa, and a sachet of apple sauce. He declares, “You know, I be telling these DoorDash non-tippers, right, no tip, I eat!” before taking a bite of the steak chalupa.

The TikTok post triggered a diverse range of reactions online. Some viewers found the video amusing, expressing their amusement with laughing emojis in the comments. However, others criticized the driver’s actions, deeming them inappropriate and unprofessional.

One commenter voiced a common sentiment, saying, “Happy I go and get my own food; can’t be giving free money to people just driving.” Another expressed concern, stating, “Hope you get fired bro – idk why you’d flex not doing your job.”

This incident adds to the broader discussion about tipping norms, particularly as the use of cash diminishes and app-based delivery services become increasingly prevalent. The standard tip rate in the US has traditionally been around 20 percent, but shifting societal norms and changes in service expectations have led to varied opinions on the necessity of tipping.

This controversy echoes a recent viral TikTok post where a user declared that he would no longer tip servers unless they provided exceptional service. The user, Dustin Anderson, expressed frustration with the expectation of tipping for standard service, claiming that exceptional service should be the prerequisite for a tip.

The incidents highlight the evolving dynamics of tipping culture in contemporary society, fueled by debates around service expectations, fairness, and the impact of digital platforms on traditional norms. As discussions unfold, it remains to be seen how these debates will shape tipping practices and expectations in the future.




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