Drake Criticizes Security Guard for Slow Response to Stage Crasher


Drake, amidst his “It’s All a Blur” tour, had an unexpected encounter with an overzealous fan who managed to breach security and rush the stage during his performance in Austin, TX. The incident shed light on the artist’s vigilant response and his frustration with the slow reaction of a security guard.

As Drake addressed the audience during his show at the Moody Center, the fan boldly seized an opportunity to approach him on stage. However, Drake initially responded with a cautious push, unsure of the fan’s intentions. In a dimly lit arena, distinguishing between friend and foe can be a challenging task, prompting the artist’s guarded reaction.

Drake’s demeanor shifted as he extended his hand to the fan and openly questioned the venue’s security measures. He asked the audience, “Y’all not doing security???” while guiding the fan off the stage. Although a security guard eventually made his way to the stage to remove the intruding fan, Drake was not pleased with the guard’s lackadaisical pace. He called him out, deeming him “slow as f***” for his delayed response in handling the situation.


#Drake was not rocking with the security team at his Austin show after a fan ran on stage 😳 What do y’all think about this⁉️👀

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The artist’s heightened sense of caution is understandable given the recent incidents involving unruly fans targeting performers. Throughout the year, artists have faced objects being thrown at them during performances, with Drake himself narrowly avoiding a book hurled at him just last month, thanks to his quick reflexes.

Despite the unexpected stage intrusion, Drake also took the opportunity to share some exciting news with his fans. He revealed a new single from his upcoming album, “For All the Dogs,” signaling more thrilling musical endeavors to come.

Drake’s reaction to the stage-crashing incident highlights the challenges artists face in maintaining their safety and security during live performances. While engaging with fans is a crucial part of their craft, it also requires a vigilant approach to ensure their well-being on stage.

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