Drake has the Largest Bra ever seen Thrown on Stage at Him


Drake, the renowned rapper, has seen his fair share of bras thrown onto the stage during his It’s All A Blur tour, but the latest addition might just be the most surprising and amusing one yet.

It’s become a customary occurrence for lingerie to be flung onto the stage during his performances, a practice that Drake seems to take in stride, often playfully wondering about the owners of the various undergarments. However, a recent incident took the concept to a whole new level.

A colossal bra was hurled onto the stage, leaving Drake utterly dumbfounded. What set this apart from the rest was the note tucked inside the bra, which initially Drake hesitated to read aloud due to its potential inappropriateness. The bra was so enormous that he humorously referred to it as the “final boss level” of bras.

The mysterious note was finally unveiled to the audience, revealing an unlikely source – Drake’s own father. The inscription humorously read, “Dad’s wishing you big things for you. I love you and making sure you are breastfed properly.”


Drake get gets the largest bra ever thrown at him at his show 😂 (bootyguzzler/TT) #hiphop #fyp

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Drake couldn’t help but question his dad’s audacity in pulling off such a prank, yet he appeared to take it in stride, embracing the playful gesture from his father.

While Drake has been known to appreciate the quirky tradition of fans tossing their undergarments on stage, he made an exception during a show in Los Angeles, delivering an honest and heartfelt message to his audience. The rapper revealed that he couldn’t discuss such matters because his son was present in the crowd, drawing excitement from the audience and prompting Drake to politely request the women to refrain from throwing bras.

For one fan, 21-year-old Veronica Correia, her bra toss during the New York show proved to be a career-enhancing move. Her daring act caught Drake’s attention, and he made a playful public appeal to locate her. Correia stepped forward and humorously declared herself the “Cinderella of bra throwing.”

The story didn’t end there – Correia’s bra toss became a viral sensation, leading to unexpected opportunities. The aspiring model received an invitation from Playboy’s recruitment team to apply for a modeling role. Embracing the newfound attention, Correia proudly showcased her collaboration with the iconic brand and even revealed that she had exchanged private messages with Drake following the memorable incident.

While Drake’s concerts are known for their music and energy, the unexpected twist of fans throwing bras has added an element of humor and connection, highlighting the unique bond between the artist and his dedicated audience.

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