Dua Lipa’s Ex Shares Troubling Instagram Post just Hours after She goes Public with New Boyfriend


Anwar Hadid has stirred up some concern among his fans with a series of troubling messages shared on his Instagram Story, seemingly in response to Dua Lipa’s public debut with her new boyfriend.

Dua, who was in a relationship with Anwar from 2019 to 2021, made a dazzling appearance on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival alongside her boyfriend, Romain Gavras, over the weekend. The reaction to their romantic display has been overwhelming.

While most fans were overjoyed to witness the “Don’t Start Now” songstress indulging in public displays of affection with the French director, it appears that her ex-boyfriend Anwar is not quite as thrilled.

Shortly after the internet was ablaze with photos of Dua and Romain on the red carpet, Anwar took to his Instagram Story to share a series of concerning messages.

Although Anwar never explicitly mentioned the subjects of his posts, fans strongly believe they were directed at the celebrity couple.

The initial post featured a gloomy selfie of Anwar, with a hood covering his head, accompanied by the words: “Trying to not to find and k*ll him” The addition of a smiley face emoticon only intensified the disconcerting nature of the message.

Anwar made a series of posts to Instagram shortly after Dua and Romain's red carpet debut. Credit: Instagram/@anwarhadid

In another post, the 23-year-old appeared smirking in front of a mirror, captioned with: “I’m suffocating.”

Subsequent posts from the model included messages such as: “I detest the way you utter my name” and “Enjoy yourselves.”

To add to the mix, Anwar shared a post on his Instagram grid promoting his new music, accompanied by a sad face emoji in the comments section. Screenshots of Anwar’s posts swiftly circulated on Twitter, sparking genuine concern among fans.

“Wait, is this because of Dua?? I mean…still???!!!!” questioned one Twitter user.

“WHAT OMG… What does he want from her,” tweeted another concerned fan. Some individuals lightened the mood by joking that they would react similarly if they had parted ways with the singer.

“I would have done the same because just imagine losing Dua Lipa,” one fan wrote.

However, there were others who expressed genuine worry, cautioning against making light of Anwar’s posts.

“I feel sorry for him, but this is going too far,” expressed one fan. “I fail to understand how some of you find amusement in this. Men can be terrifying,” tweeted a second individual.

“This is neither cute nor funny. I sincerely hope she is taking precautions…” concurred a third user.

It must be noted that there is no concrete evidence that Anwar’s posts were directly referencing Dua Lipa. Nevertheless, the timing of his messages undeniably raises eyebrows and curiosity.

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