Dwayne Johnson asks Paris Wax Museum to “Update” His Sculpture’s Skin Tone


Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as “The Rock,” recently took to social media to humorously address a rather noticeable discrepancy in his newly unveiled wax figure at the Grevin Museum in Paris.

The bone of contention was the wax figure’s skin tone, which, to Johnson’s amusement, appeared to be significantly lighter than his own.

In an Instagram reel originally shared by comedian James Andre Jefferson Jr., Johnson’s wax figure was playfully criticized. Jefferson pointed out that the wax representation of “The Rock” looked more like a “white” version of the actor, in stark contrast to his real identity as a Black-Samoan individual. He humorously quipped, “They turned The Rock into an albino rock… How are you gonna take all the n**** out of Dwayne Johnson?!”

Unfortunately, this incident is not an isolated one in the world of wax figures. Celebrities of color have often fallen victim to inaccurate portrayals, as exemplified by the wax figures of Beyoncé and Rihanna. However, Dwayne Johnson chose to approach the situation with a healthy dose of humor and grace.

In response to Jefferson’s witty critique of the wax figure, Johnson shared the video on his own Instagram account, revealing that he had a hearty laugh at the humorous take on his sculpted alter ego. He went on to express his intention to address the issue by working with the Grevin Museum in Paris to update the wax figure to reflect a more accurate representation of his skin color. Johnson’s caption playfully included emojis depicting a more suitable shade of brown. He concluded by humorously stating that he would stop by the museum and have a drink with himself during his next visit to Paris.

The comments section of Johnson’s post was a breeding ground for humor and witty responses from fans and followers. One user humorously commented, “Looks like Mr. Clean cosplaying as The Rock,” while another expressed genuine concern by asking, “Why they took your melanin???”

Thankfully, the Grevin Museum, upon learning of the issue, assured swift action to address the matter. Representatives from the museum told Deadline that they would promptly “remedy” the wax figure’s inaccuracies, specifically the skin tone, and would share new photos of the updated version with the public once the corrections were made.

While Dwayne Johnson’s wax figure in Paris raised eyebrows due to its discrepancy in skin tone, the actor has been active in philanthropy and community support. Earlier in the year, he and Oprah Winfrey jointly announced the creation of the People’s Fund of Maui, a response to the devastating wildfires in the Hawaiian city. Their initiative kick-started with an initial donation of $10 million to support the cause and provide assistance to the affected community.

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