Dylan Mulvaney takes to Social Media to Post New Job Ad after Bud Light Controversy


Dylan Mulvaney, the renowned trans influencer, has taken to social media to explore new career opportunities following the fallout with Bud Light.

The Belgian beer giant faced severe backlash and boycotts after partnering with Mulvaney for sponsored social media posts featuring not-for-sale beer cans adorned with her image. This controversial tie-up led to a significant decline in the beer brand’s sales, as reported by the New York Post. In response to the controversy, Mulvaney expressed feeling abandoned by the brand in a heartfelt Instagram post on June 29.

The 26-year-old TikTok personality, who had previously faced relentless bullying and transphobia, made the decision to leave the United States for Peru, seeking a sense of safety.

In her journey towards new opportunities, Mulvaney shared a job advertisement on Instagram, seeking “speaking opportunities” on college campuses for the upcoming 23/24 school year.

She reached out to her two million followers, expressing her eagerness to connect and “visit” through serious inquiries sent to her specified email address.

Dylan Mulvaney's job advertisement she shared on Instagram (dylanmulvaney/Instagram)

The Creative Arts Agency (CAA), representing Mulvaney, has listed her as a speaker, offering her expertise on various topics, including LGBTQIA+ issues, women’s empowerment, social media, inclusion, equity, and diversity.

Following the Bud Light controversy, Mulvaney’s social media presence has been relatively quiet, with only a hair product endorsement amid her previous endorsements for brands like Nike, Ulta Beauty, Kate Spade, MAC Cosmetics, and Charlotte Tilbury. As an influencer, she commands substantial earnings ranging between $50,000 and $80,000 for each promotional post.

Prior to the Bud Light incident, Mulvaney was a frequent guest on podcasts and served as a panelist speaker. Her journey to fame and her transition from male to female in March 2022 were subjects of discussion during the Forbes Power Women’s Summit in September 2022. In October 2022, she participated as one of six progressive panelists in a discussion of anti-trans legislation with President Joe Biden. Her appearances on “Dear Chelsea,” a podcast produced by iHeart Radio and hosted by Chelsea Handler, and “The Drew Barrymore Show” in March and May respectively, further showcased her influence and reach.

Despite facing adversity and challenges, Dylan Mulvaney remains resilient in her pursuit of new opportunities and endeavors. Her willingness to engage in meaningful conversations and discussions on various platforms continues to make a lasting impact on diverse audiences.

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