Ecuadorian Fans Hilariously Chant ‘We Want Beer’ at World Cup


The World Cup is back and in full swing once again, with Ecuador opening the competition with a spectacular win over Qatar on Sunday.

The Ecuadorian fans celebrated and showed their support for the team, much to the dismay of the home supporters of Qatar.

Fans of the winning side went viral, however, when they started cheering something unexpected.

The fans were chanting “Queremos cerveza” which translates to “we want beer” in Spanish.

Listen below:

It has been widely discussed that hosting the World Cup in Qatar would mean certains rules and restrictions for fans.

Just days before the event kicked off, Qatar stopped the sale of alcohol at all stadiums. FIFA made a decision to offer only non-alcoholic beverages to fans, despite being sponsored by Budweiser.

Despite these rules, many fans are sneaking beer into stadiums and have shown how they did it online. See below:

What do you think of the restrictions?

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