Elliot Page Says His Estranged Dad Likes Hate Posts about Him Online


Elliot Page has disclosed that his estranged father actively engages with hate posts about him on the internet.

This startling revelation is just one of the many eye-opening accounts shared in Page’s newly published memoir, titled “Pageboy,” which delves into the actor’s life experiences, including his gender transition, navigating fame, and personal relationships with family and friends.

Released today, the memoir candidly explores the immense levels of hate and violence Page has faced since publicly embracing his sexuality, gender identity, and coming out as gay in 2014.

Speaking about his father, Page recalled a significant incident from last year when right-wing author Jordan Peterson was banned from Twitter for making derogatory comments about Page’s transition. When Peterson was eventually allowed back on Twitter, he returned by deadnaming the actor.

Page wrote in his memoir, “When Jordan Peterson was let back on Twitter after he’d made a horrific tweet about me, he posted a video, just his head filling the frame.” Page continued, “Staring menacingly into the camera, he said, ‘We’ll see who cancels who.'” Shockingly, Page revealed, “My dad ‘liked’ it.”

Page has not had any communication with his father, Dennis Page, for over five years. In his memoir, the “Umbrella Academy” star expresses his doubts about ever reconnecting with his father, given his support for individuals “with massive platforms who have attacked and ridiculed me on a global scale.”

In a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times, Page elaborated on his relationship with his mother, Martha, who separated from his father when he was young.

While his mother initially lacked support when Page initially came out as gay, he described her subsequent journey as “inspiring.” He admitted that she has transformed into a strong advocate and ally, shedding the ideas she was raised with. Page revealed that his mother was relieved when he came out as transgender.

In another distressing revelation from “Pageboy,” Page disclosed an encounter with an A-list actor who once threatened to rape him in an attempt to “prove” that he was not gay.

This alarming incident occurred at a birthday party in Los Angeles in 2014 when the unnamed actor approached Page and uttered demeaning remarks such as, “You aren’t gay. That doesn’t exist. You are just afraid of men.” The actor went further and threatened, saying, “I’m going to f**k you to make you realize you aren’t gay.”

A few days later, Page unexpectedly encountered the same actor at the gym. The actor claimed he had no issue with gay people, to which Page responded, “I think you might.”

Page’s memoir, “Pageboy,” bravely sheds light on his personal journey and the challenges he has faced, highlighting the importance of acceptance, understanding, and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

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