Elon Musk Apparently Sleeps Next to Pistols and Coke Cans


Elon Musk apparently sleeps next to pistols and empty cans of Coke.

On Monday, the world’s richest man shared a photo of the item he keeps on his bedside table and it’s fair to say, fans are baffled…

In the photo, Musk had four empty cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke and two pistols.

Some Twitter users identified one of the guns as a replica of a pistol from Deus Ex: Human Revolution – a sci-fi video game where megacorporations take over humanity…

He responded to the photo by writing:

“There is no excuse for my lack of coasters.”

See below:

He also followed up by writing:

‘Greetings, I’m Musket, Elon Musket’

See below:

At the time of writing, his original photo has 823.6k likes. Some people responded:

‘This is american af.’

‘Empty cans, a gun, a commemorative gun in a box…no photos of a significant other or any of your children, no favorite book, no warmth. Just stark. Cold. Empty. Grey. How do you sleep?’

Typical Elon…

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