Elon Musk Blocks Actor James Woods after Twitter Argument


Elon Musk has reportedly blocked actor James Woods on the X/Twitter platform after a heated argument erupted between the two on the site.

The dispute stemmed from Musk’s recent announcement regarding the removal of the block function from the site. Woods took issue with this decision, expressing concerns about the potential consequences. He questioned how X would differentiate itself from Twitter if the block function’s removal compromised the ability to counter concerted harassment by trolls or organized political entities. Woods stated, “Musk, whom I once championed, is only doing this to protect his advertisers anyway. Users of X are mere pawns to turn the site into an electronic shopping mall. The man I thought was a defender of free speech is just another greedy capitalist. Disappointing, but not surprising.”

Subsequently, Woods shared a screenshot revealing that he had been blocked by Musk in response to his comments. Woods responded to the block by stating, “Your prerogative, sir, which is exactly my point. Have a nice day.”

Musk had earlier posted on X that the block feature would be removed, except for direct messages (DMs), as he found the function nonsensical. His decision garnered public support from former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who concurred with a simple “💯. mute only.”

In another development, Musk announced that X would financially support individuals who face unfair treatment from their employers due to their preferences or posts on the platform. This pledge underscores Musk’s commitment to advocating for individual rights and freedoms.

Meanwhile, as part of the ongoing transformation, the Twitter brand name and its iconic blue bird logo, which stood for 17 years, are being retired on the app. Phones are automatically updating to reflect the new platform name, X. As X continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how its functionality and user interactions will shape the digital landscape.

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