Elon Musk has Lost So Much Money that the Guinness World Records Recognized Him for the ‘Largest Loss of Personal Fortune in History’


Elon Musk has lost such a large amount of money that the Guinness World Records has recognized him for ‘the largest loss of personal fortune in history’.

Of all the world records a person would hope to gain, this is not one of them.

Thanks to plummeting shares in Tesla, Musk lost over $100 billion last year. He is no longer the world’s richest person.

In a press release on Friday, Guinness World Records announced that the 51-year-old has broken the record for the “largest loss of personal fortune in history”. Ouch.

Forbes recently estimated that the SpaceX founder’s net worth had shot down by $183 billion in a little over a year, whereas Bloomberg estimated an amount of $200 billion.

Prior to Musk, the record holder for this world record had been held by Softbank founder, Masayoshi Son in the year 2000 with a loss of $58.6 billion.

The world’s richest person is now Bernard Arnault, the head of the French business that owns Louis Vuitton.

Don’t feel too bad for Musk, as he is still worth $144.4 billion, as estimated by Forbes.

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