Elon Musk is on Track to Becoming the World’s First Trillionaire


Elon Musk is expected to become the world’s first trillionaire.

The Tesla CEO is on track to become a trillionaire in 2024, according to an Approve report.

As of June 2022, Forbes listed his net worth to be $215.1 billion USD.

The 50-year-old’s SpaceX is valued at $100 billion USD and his 25% stake in Tesla is worth a small fortune as well.

A new study from Approve compared the annual net worth of some of the world’s wealthiest people. The results show that Musk will be the first to reach the trillionaire mark, potentially as soon as 2024.

The reports reads:

“Since 2017, Musk’s fortune has shown an annual average increase of 129%, which could potentially see him enter the trillion-dollar club in just two short years, achieving a net worth of $1.38 trillion by 2024 at age 52.”

“SpaceX generates massive incomes by charging governmental and commercial clients to send various things into space, including satellites, ISS supplies, and people.”

Yes, folks…that’s a lot of zeros. Twelve, in fact.

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