Elon Musk Painted Over the ‘W’ on the Twitter HQ Sign


Elon Musk, the infamous tech billionaire and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has once again left his mark on social media giant Twitter, or should we say “Titter.”

Musk, known for his controversial and often humorous antics on social media, recently confirmed that he was the one responsible for covering up the “w” in Twitter’s name with a white tarp a few days ago, resulting in the new moniker “Titter.”

Longtime Musk watchers are well-aware of his penchant for crude humor, and this latest stunt is just another example of his mischievous antics.

As pictures of the Twitter headquarters sign in San Francisco with the covered “w” started circulating online, Musk’s influence was palpable, although he did not initially claim responsibility for the prank.

However, the Twitter landlord was not amused, and according to Musk, they claimed that the company was legally required to keep the name “Twitter” on its sign.

Ever the provocateur, Musk’s solution was to paint the “w” with a background color, declaring, “Problem solved!” on Sunday night.

Of course, Musk couldn’t resist adding a punchline to the situation. In a tweet, the head of the social media platform said, “They tried to muffle our titter 🤭.”

The use of the word “titter” in this context is not lost on Musk’s followers, as it is a term commonly associated with a nervous or affected laugh.

This is not the first time Musk has made jokes about changing Twitter’s name to “Titter.”

In the past, he has also joked about creating a new university called the “Texas Institute of Technology & Science,” to create the comical acronym  and has mentioned that it would have “epic merch” and be “universally admired.”

However, as entertaining as these jokes may be to some, they may not sit well with Twitter’s current predicament.

Twitter has been embroiled in legal battles over unpaid rent for its offices in both San Francisco and London.

In January, the social network was sued for $6.7 million in unpaid rent by its San Francisco landlord, SRI Nine Market Square LLC, and was also sued in the U.K. by the Crown Estate, which manages properties owned by King Charles III, for similar reasons.

Since Musk’s purchase of Twitter for $44 billion in October last year, the company has gained a reputation for not paying its bills and engaging in contract negotiations to reduce costs.

In fact, at one point, employees were forced to bring their own toilet paper to the company’s offices after Musk laid off all the janitors, a move that shocked many familiar with the old Twitter but has become par for the course with the “new” Titter.

Despite Musk’s humorous antics and controversial business practices, he remains one of the richest people on Earth, and his influence on social media and technology cannot be denied.

While some may find his jokes amusing, others may see them as in poor taste, especially given Twitter’s current legal battles and financial troubles.

As he continues to make waves in the tech world with his ambitious projects and larger-than-life personality, one thing is for sure: he will always find a way to leave his mark, whether it’s painting over a letter on a sign or making provocative jokes on social media.

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