Elon Musk Shares his Newborn Son Died in his Arms as he Addresses Alex Jones Twitter Ban


Elon Musk has explained why he would never let Alex Jones back on Twitter.

On Sunday, the billionaire was asked if he would let conspiracy theorist Alex Jones back on Twitter, considering many other people Musk has allowed to have a platform after they were previously banned.

Jones was banned from the platform in 2018.

Alex Jones was found guilty by default in all Sandy Hook defamation cases made against him.

The judge’s ruling combined with the decisions made in Texas to grant a clean sweep for families of Sandy Hook shooting victims in their four lawsuits against the controversial broadcaster.

Jones, for years, used his platforms to spread wild fake news about the shooting, claiming that it was a government-led attack to confiscate firearms from the American public.

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Alex Jones Found Guilty In All Sandy Hook Defamation Cases

Musk made it clear that Jones would not be allowed a platform on his website again, tweeting:

“My firstborn child died in my arms. I felt his last heartbeat. I have no mercy for anyone who would use the deaths of children for gain, politics or fame,”

Musk’s first born, Nevada Alexander, was born in 2002 and sadly died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS.

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