Elon Musk Want to Sue College Student who Ran “Elonjet” Account


Elon Musk wants to sue the college student who created the now suspended Twitter account called “Elonjet” which tracked the billionaire’s private jet.

The account was run by a student from Florida called Jack Sweeney.

Sweeney had gained more than 500k followers on his account that solely just tracked the Twitter CEO’s private plane around the world using flight data that is available to members of the public.

Before his account was suspended, Sweeney tweeted:

“Well it appears @ElonJet is suspended,”

“This is coordinated and Elon is well aware I’m sure,”

Musk previously said he would not delete the account as he was an advocate of free speech. However, he now claims that live posting of people’s locations violates doxing policies and it was breaking Twitter’s rules.

Now, Musk wants to take legal action against the student. He tweeted that a “crazy stalker” had mounted the hood of a vehicle carrying his young son, X Æ A-12 “thinking it was me”. He has blamed the @elonjet account for this, writing “Legal action is being taken against Sweeney & organizations who supported harm to my family.”

Sweeney claims he has heard nothing from Musk in regards to legal action being taken.

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