Elon Musk Wonder Whether TikTok is Destroying Civilisation


Elon Musk is questioning whether TikTok is destroying our civilisation.

The billionaire took to Twitter to ask the question:

“Is TikTok destroying civilisation? Some people think so. Or perhaps social media in general,”

See below:

The tech giant spoke to staff from Twitter on June 16 in his first address after agreeing to purchase the company for $44 billion.

Musk brought up the popular app and what it does correct, in his view:

“It does a great job of making sure you’re not bored,”

He gave props to the developers at TikTok for having ‘honed the algorithm to be as engaging as possible’.

According to Insider, he told the staff at Twitter that he doesn’t want his platform to become ‘boring’ for its users.

“I mean, it does just feel like Attention Deficit Disorder. But like, next level,”

“I do find some of their [TikTok] videos offensive, but they’re not boring.”

At the time of writing, Musk’s tweet has over 419k likes.

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