Fans have Noticed Austin Butler has Still Got his Elvis Voice after Winning Golden Globe


Fans have recently noticed that actor Austin Butler, who won a Golden Globe award for Best Drama Actor for his portrayal of Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrman’s Elvis film, seems to be struggling to shake off the icon’s voice and mannerisms after his successful portrayal of the iconic singer.

On Wednesday night, when he went up to collect his award, he delivered his speech in Elvis’s voice, leaving some fans wondering if he was still in character.

The hit film, which was released in early 2022, received widespread praise for Austin’s spot-on portrayal of Elvis, and since then, he seems to have been keeping up the character’s voice and mannerisms for interviews and TV appearances.

The Golden Globe award was both Austin’s first nomination and win, and he was so shocked that he had won, he almost struggled to find the words.

“I’m just so grateful right now, I’m in this room full of my heroes,”

“Brad (Pitt), I love you. Quentin (Tarantino), I printed out the Pulp Fiction poster when I was 12. I cannot believe I’m here right now.”

“I want to also say to my fellow nominees, you have turned in the most beautiful, profound work and I’m so honored and proud to be listed among you. I owe this to a bold, visionary filmmaker who allowed me the experience to take risks and I always knew I would be supported. Baz Lurhmann, I love you.”

“And lastly, Elvis Presley himself. You were an icon and a rebel. I love you so much.”

Many fans were so happy for Austin, but couldn’t help but wonder if the actor was ever planning on dropping the Elvis impersonation. Viewers took to Twitter:

“Is Austin Butler still in character!? He sounds exactly like Elvis!”

“Austin Butler was great in Elvis but does he know he can stop playing him now?”

“Now y’all know after this, Austin ain’t gon ever stop talking in that damn voice. He locked in for life,”

“Austin Butler has one more chance to shut the Elvis voice off I swear to god.”

It’s hardly surprising that Austin is still struggling to let go of Elvis, since he spent three years in character, away from friends and family, solely to focus on the film.

Speaking to E! News’ Daily Pop, the award-winning actor said:

“What I’m trying to learn is how to balance real life with when you’re giving in to the obsession of a role ’cause I didn’t see my family for, it turned out to be three years. I didn’t see any one of my friends for that entire time. So, it was like the rest of my life, suddenly, I compartmentalised.”

The film, Elvis, tells the story of the star’s epic rise to fame and his complex relationship with manager Colonel Tom Parker, played by legend, Tom Hanks.

The film was a critically acclaimed and Austin’s role as Elvis Presley was widely praised. However, the question now remains, whether or not Austin will be able to let go of his award-winning character and move on to new roles and opportunities.

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