Fans Say They’ve Lost all Respect for Logan Paul after his Latest Comments on Religion


Fans are saying they have lost all respect for Logan Paul after his latest comments about religion.

Speaking on his own podcast IMPAULSIVE, the social media star was talking to George Janko, who happens to be a devout Christian, about religion.

Paul said:

“You all think you’re right, and you think that the Muslims are going to hell, and they think that you’re going to hell.

“If you believe in Christianity that’s what you think. What happens to a Muslim when they die George? “They do go to heaven or hell, can a Muslim go to heaven? Can a Jewish person go to heaven?”

“Doesn’t your scripture say something about if you’re not subscribed to Christianity you’re basically, it’s a sin and you’re gonna get banished.”

Janko went on to claim that Paul was putting ‘words in [his] mouth’ and that the bible says ‘no one knows who goes to heaven or hell’.

Watch below:

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