Fans think Megan Fox and MGK ‘Break-Up’ was a Stunt Linked to Rihanna Super Bowl Performance


Fans of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) are speculating that the couple’s recent “break-up” might just be a publicity stunt linked to Rihanna’s highly anticipated performance at the Super Bowl.

The sudden disappearance of all photos of the couple from Fox’s Instagram account has sparked rumors of a split, but the speculation didn’t stop there.

Fox, 36, recently posted a series of cryptic photos on her now-deactivated Instagram account, one of which included an unknown man in the bathroom, and another featuring a letter on fire.

She captioned the photos with a reference to Beyoncé’s song “Pray You Catch Me,” writing: “You can taste the dishonesty/ it’s all over your breath.”

The mystery has led fans to question what is really going on between the couple and to speculate that it might all be connected to the Super Bowl.

One Twitter user wrote: “Tweeted about the Machine Gun Kelly / Megan Fox drama for a second then remembered what day it is and realized there’s like a 65 percent chance it’s to hype up an ad where they’re sitting on the couch eating PopChips or something.”

Another fan speculated: “Wondering if the Megan Fox MGK drama is some PR s**t for the Super Bowl. Dishonesty comment, burning a letter, following Em, who may be Ri’s surprise guest tonight, etc. She prob archived her photos with MGK & they’re actually fine.”

As neither Fox nor MGK have publicly commented on the situation, it’s hard to know what is really going on between them.

Some fans have even questioned if MGK may have hooked up with someone named Sophie, but Fox has not addressed those rumors directly.

She did, however, respond to a fan’s comment saying: “Maybe I got with Sophie.” with a flame emoji.

Fox’s recent actions have only added to the confusion and speculation, as she has since deactivated her Instagram account after making the comment about Sophie.

The public is left with more questions than answers…

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