Fans Want the Loser of USA v England to Keep James Corden


As the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 kicks off, England and USA fans want the losing team to keep James Corden.

A lot of controversy has surrounded the TV presenter in the last few months.

He was recently banned from a restaurant in New York after being accused of being ‘the most abusive customer’.

James Corden Apologizes to New York Restaurant Owner after Being Labelled ‘the Most Abusive Customer’

He was also recently accused of copying a joke made by Ricky Gervais and passing it off as his own.

James Corden Responds to Accusation he ‘Copied’ Ricky Gervais Joke on his Talk Show

Well, soccer fans have suggested that the loser of the England v USA game be stuck with the comedian…

One fan wrote on Twitter:

“There’s a lot at stake for either England & USA on Friday; whoever loses has to keep James Corden.”

Another person said:

“That should be written into the contract.”

Another football fan said:

“Certainly would give England something to play for!”

While a fourth said:

“Good god, the stakes have been upped.”


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