Far-Right ‘The Boys’ Fans Meltdown After Realizing Homelander’s Evil


Far-right ‘The Boys’ fans are allegedly having a meltdown after realizing that Homelander is the bad guy…

*Warning: Spoilers ahead*

Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ was originally created from Preacher creator Garth Ennis in the 90s. In both the show and the comic, Homelander has always been the villain, but some far-right fans are only now catching on.

Some far-righters seemed to believe that he was an ‘idealistic emblem of patriotism’.

Twitter user, Ryan Broderick, has revealed that a subReddit about the show has been going crazy since the season 3 premiere. See below:

One Twitter user responded, saying:

‘So, I’m learning today that it took three seasons of @TheBoysTV for some people to figure out the murdering r*pist with the mommy and daddy issues was the bad guy?’

‘Nearly every episode had a character explicitly saying that Homelander was a maniac (and sometimes to his face) but apparently this was too subtle a message for some people.’

‘A tweet about The Boys now as the Reddit page for the show has made it clear this needs to be clarified. Homelander is a bad guy. He’s a villain. He’s evil.’

Oh dear…

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