Five Total Strangers Discover the Rock is Their Half-Brother


Five total strangers have discovered that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is their half-brother.

They all share DNA thanks to their father, WWE star Rocky Johnson.

Rocky had Curtis and Wanda with his first wife Una. Then went on to have Dwayne with Ata Maivia.

He also went on to sire five more kids, Lisa Purves, Paula Parsons, Trevor Edwards, Adrian Bowles and Aaron Fowler.

Now these five half-siblings have now found each other despite never having any kind of relationship with their father.

The five siblings have spoken to Sports Illustrated, explaining how they found each other.

Lisa was the first one to discover Rocky was her father. She then reached out to him on three separate occasions over the years but the retired WWE star decided not to keep in touch with his daughter.

Lisa now wants to make a documentary about their situation, saying:

“We just want to be recognised. We sat on the back burner forever. [Rocky] was our dad just as well as Dwayne‚Äôs.”

This is crazy…

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