Five-Year-Old who Donated her Piggybank to Charity wins $48 Million in Lottery 13 Years Later


A heartwarming story of generosity and good fortune has emerged from Canada, where a young woman who once emptied her piggy bank for a charitable cause has hit the jackpot.

18-year-old Juliette Lamour, who is now a student at Algoma University, won a staggering $48 million in the Gold Ball lottery draw earlier this year.

This remarkable story dates back to 2010 when, as a five-year-old, Juliette and her sister Sophie donated the contents of their piggy bank to the Canadian Red Cross, which was collecting money to aid the victims of a devastating earthquake in Haiti.

The sisters’ donation of $61.38 was a generous sum, especially considering their young age.

13 years later, Juliette found herself the lucky winner of the lottery, a result that is hard to attribute to anything other than fate or perhaps even good karma.

The young woman had been on her way to buy ice cream for her grandfather when she received a call from him.

In her own words: “I called him on the phone asking what kind of ice cream he wanted. And he said to me: ‘You just turned 18, go buy a lotto ticket, test your luck.’ So I did.”

Unfamiliar with how to purchase a lottery ticket, Juliette reached out to her dad for help and soon found herself the proud owner of a winning QuickPick ticket. Her first call was to her mother, who initially didn’t believe her daughter had won the lottery. Juliette said, “She answered the phone and I was like: ‘I won the lottery!’ She’s like: ‘No you didn’t!’”

Now, with her newfound wealth, Juliette has a world of possibilities ahead of her.

However, she remains grounded and plans to complete her university education before pursuing a career in medicine.

Her father, who works as a financial advisor, will be there to help her navigate her new financial situation, which she admits is a lot to think about.

Juliette’s story serves as an inspiring reminder of the power of generosity and the importance of following one’s dreams.

As she stated, “We’re definitely going to keep friends and family in mind. And tonight, I’m still a university student so I’m planning on finishing my biology report.”

With her big heart and determination, there is no doubt that this young woman will go on to achieve great things.

What goes around, comes around!

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