Former Escort Says there are Three Main Reasons Why Women Cheat


Former escort Samantha X has shared her insights on why women cheat and opt for male escorts.

According to Samantha, there are three main reasons why women start to look elsewhere for intimacy.

Drawing on her years of knowledge from the industry, Samantha explained that she had heard hundreds of women confide their deepest darkest secrets to her, telling her why they booked male escorts and what their secret needs were.

She explained that women don’t need connection like men do, and they get their emotional needs met by their friends, family, and pets.

Instead, women want the F word: fun. They want their confidence back, good sex and to be respected.

She explained that a big reason why women sometimes fork out thousands for sex is to rebuild their confidence.

She notes that having kids changes women’s bodies and such a physical change can be a hit on their self-esteem, leaving women feeling undesirable.

One mum said her secret sexy liaisons with a young male escort made her feel alive again and totally restored her self-esteem.

Another reason, she shared, is that women want better sex.

One divorcee told Samantha that she was sick of men coming over to eat meals she’d cook for them and the food was always more satisfying than the sex.

With an emphasis on finding a man who puts her pleasure first, Samantha explained that some women just want to get down to business with someone good-looking and without any of the drama that follows a relationship.

Alongside this, she also noted that women felt they could more easily act out their sexual fantasies without the fear of being judged.

According to Samantha, many women are sick and tired of a general lack of respect when it comes to dating.

Whether it’s unsolicited d*** pics, having the assumption that all women are easy, complaining too much, or being intimidated by independence – she explained that arranging an escort is just a whole lot easier.

It was the ease of booking an allocated time, knowing what to expect, getting down to it without the games and importantly, walking away knowing you still have your power.

In conclusion, Samantha X’s insights provide an interesting perspective on why some women choose to cheat and opt for male escorts.

While it takes two to tango, Samantha explains that women can be just as tricky in the dating game as men.

In a world where people can get their groceries, shopping, and takeaways delivered online, it’s no surprise that people are also booking their romantic connections online too.

Samantha’s experiences highlight that women have different needs and desires than men when it comes to sex, and that opting for a male escort can provide them with the confidence, good sex and respect that they crave.

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