Former Inmate Explains Why you Should Never let your Feet Touch the Floor in Prison


A former prison inmate has issued a strong warning against letting your bare feet touch the floor in prison, offering a compelling and somewhat unsettling rationale for this advice. Amanda Dove, a former inmate who shares insights about life behind bars on her TikTok channel @prison_story, has been providing valuable advice for individuals potentially facing prison time. Among her tips, one has stood out for its gravity and relevance to the often misunderstood world of incarceration.

In her TikTok videos, Amanda emphasizes the importance of maintaining respect and avoiding unnecessary conflicts while incarcerated. She advises viewers to refrain from initiating conversations about fellow inmates’ charges, as it is considered disrespectful. Instead, she recommends identifying and marketing any useful skills that can be valuable to others. Additionally, she cautions against volunteering for tasks without fully understanding their nature.

However, one piece of advice that resonated profoundly with viewers was Amanda’s strong suggestion to never allow one’s feet to make contact with the prison floor. She elaborated on the reasoning behind this in response to a follower’s question.

Amanda began her explanation by highlighting the fact that prisons are breeding grounds for infectious diseases, including staph infections, MRSA, and foot fungus. She painted a vivid picture of the risks inmates face due to the unsanitary environment. She explained that even minor cuts or injuries could result in contamination due to the prevalence of bodily fluids and the lack of proper hygiene measures.

For instance, Amanda described a scenario in which an inmate cuts themselves while shaving in the shower. If they then proceed to urinate or defecate in the same area, the contamination spreads. This grim reality is compounded by the fact that inmates might wear shower shoes to protect their feet in the shower, but those same shoes then carry the potential contaminants from one place to another.

In Amanda’s words, “That means all that stuff is on the floor just traveling with them so you always want to keep your shoes on even when you’re changing. You don’t want your feet to ever, ever, ever hit the floor.”

Viewers responded to this advice with a mix of concern and gratitude. Many expressed their surprise and the shock at the unsanitary conditions described within prison walls. Some noted that they never plan to be in such a situation, but found the information valuable nonetheless. The practicality of the advice also led to comments from individuals who said they would apply similar precautions in other settings, such as hotels or hospitals.


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Amanda’s insights shed light on the harsh realities faced by inmates, highlighting the importance of vigilance and self-preservation in an environment where health risks can be rampant. Her advice serves as a stark reminder of the less visible aspects of life behind bars and offers a glimpse into the strategies individuals develop to navigate such challenging circumstances.

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