Former Managers of Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Caribbean Island Open Up about what They Saw


The former managers of Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island have exposed what they saw while working for him and Ghislaine Maxwell.

In a new documentary called ‘Ghislaine Maxwell: The Making of a Monster’ the former managers claimed there were “always women around”.

Watch the trailer below:

Epstein bought an island in the Virgin Islands in 1998. The financer hired Miles and Cathy Alexander as Island managers of the site, which would go on to be a ‘sex trafficking palace’ according to Epstein’s survivors’ lawyer – David Boies.

They claim that they were ‘never involved’ in the crimes but witnessed many women around:

“In 1998, there was a job advertised for a management couple for an island in the Caribbean, and then from our interviews all the way through to the end, there were always women around,”

“I was employed as island manager, and Cathy was employed as the housekeeping manager.”

“She used to refer to it as the ‘bees around the honey pot’. She said, ‘You’ll see lots of bees around the honey pot. I’m the Queen Bee – always remember that.’”


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