Four-Day Week Trial with No Loss of Pay Begins for Workers in 70 UK Companies


A trial for a four-day work week with no loss in pay has began for workers in 70 UK based companies.

Over 3,000 workers at 70 companies will be involved in the trial for a period of six months.

The companies that are taking part are following a 100:80:100 model, meaning workers will get 100% of their pay for 80% of the time but they must maintain 100% productivity.

Ed Siegel, chief executive of Charity Bank who are taking part in the trial, said:

“We firmly believe that a four-day week with no change to salary or benefits will create a happier workforce and will have an equally positive impact on business productivity, customer experience and our social mission.”

“The 20th-century concept of a five-day working week is no longer the best fit for 21st-century business.”

Companies taking part are in an array of sectors, such as banking, construction, food and beverage, and others.

It is the biggest four-day week pilot to take place anywhere in the world.

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