Fox News Anchor Slips-Up During Hurricane Ian Coverage


Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum slipped up when covering the awful destruction of hurricane Ian in Florida.

MacCallum was discussing the impact that the hurricane has had, how it has left over 2 million people without power and some stranded on rooftops as well as loss of life.

The anchor went on to say:

“You know you feel terrible for people in Puerto Rico who were just hit, in Cuba who were just hit. Thank God we have better infrastructure in our country,”

Implying that she didn’t know that Puerto Rico is part of the U.S…

Watch below:

People have been mocking her unprofessionalism on Twitter:

‘In OUR country…” Puerto Rico has been a U.S. territory since 1898. Who wants to tell her?’

‘Puerto Rico is our country & there’s few areas in the continental US that aren’t one severe weather event away from looking like The Walking Dead.’

‘Also the difference between islands and the continental US? Key West has fine infrastructure, but would get destroyed by a direct hit from a major storm just like Cuba and Puerto Rico.’


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