Garth Brooks Responds to Backlash Over His Decision to Sell Bud Light at His Bar


Garth Brooks has addressed the backlash he received after announcing his decision to sell Bud Light beer at his bar, responding to the criticism and affirming that his Nashville establishment will be welcoming to all.

The renowned country music artist faced criticism when discussing his new bar, The Friends In Low Places Bar & Honky Tonk, in an interview with Billboard. The controversy stemmed from Bud Light’s partnership with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney. While other musicians, such as John Rich of Big & Rich, who also owns a bar in Nashville, had decided to stop selling Bud Light, Brooks took a different approach.

Contrasting Rich’s stance, Brooks expressed that his bar would serve “every brand of beer,” emphasizing inclusivity and creating a safe space for patrons, including the transgender and LGBT community. He acknowledged the criticism and the ongoing debate about Bud Light, stating, “If you’re an a–hole, there are plenty of other places on lower Broadway.”

However, Brooks faced further backlash, including transphobic comments, particularly on social media platforms. In response, he addressed the situation in a Facebook livestream, reaffirming his commitment to diversity and inclusiveness.

During the livestream, Brooks humorously acknowledged the stir caused by the interview with Billboard, and he proceeded to address two key points. Firstly, he emphasized his personal values of diversity and inclusivity, stating, “That’s me. That’s always been me.” He invited individuals to his bar with an open mind, promoting love, tolerance, and patience.

Regarding his role as a bar owner, Brooks explained that the decision to offer popular beers rests with the patrons. He emphasized the importance of their preferences, stating that if a certain beer doesn’t sell well, action will be taken. Brooks recognized that it is the customers in the seats who ultimately shape the bar’s offerings.

In summary, Brooks responded to the backlash by reaffirming his commitment to creating an all-inclusive environment at his bar, promoting love and tolerance. He clarified that the decisions regarding the available beer brands will be guided by the preferences of his patrons. Brooks invited individuals to experience the welcoming atmosphere of Friends in Low Places and encouraged them to approach the establishment with an open mind, ready to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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