Getting ‘Zombied’ is the New Dating Trend – Worse than ‘Ghosting’


There’s a new dating trend that’s even worse than being “ghosted,” and it’s called being “zombied.”

Singer-songwriter Mariel Darling recently shared this horrifying dating experience on TikTok, where she has over 255,900 followers.

In the video that has gained over 1.5 million views and 151,100 likes, Darling explained, “It’s like ghosting, but he comes back from the dead after a couple of months and hits you up.”

Many people in the comments shared their own “zombie” experiences, with some saying that they had been contacted by multiple people from their past on the same day. Others had been contacted by the same person repeatedly.

According to dating expert Samantha Jayne, the trend of “zombied” has been around for as long as relationships have existed and some people enjoy doing it.

This trend can be extremely damaging and confusing, causing someone to feel anxious about abandonment, then feel hopeful when the person reappears.

Jayne explains that there are two main reasons why people “zombie” others.

The first reason is that the person is bad at communication and doesn’t know how to end things.

These poor communicators may try to reconnect after a long period because they ghosted the person due to their own anxieties and insecurities.

The other reason is more malicious, where the person is using “zombied” as a strategy.

They might have gotten back with an ex or met someone new, but the person being “zombied” is their backup plan.


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Jayne explains that these people suddenly feel lonely and have run out of options, so they turn to their backup plan to massage their egos until they find someone else.

Jayne cautions that it’s essential to remember that the person on the other end is the one with the power.

You can choose to delete their message, ignore it, or ask for an explanation.

However, be mindful that it could be them crawling back only to do it again…It’s often not the best idea to dig up a zombie.

If you decide to respond, use this as an opportunity to have a voice and say what you need to say in a concise message.

To sum up, being “zombied” is a new dating trend that’s even worse than being “ghosted.”

It can be damaging and confusing, causing someone to feel anxious about abandonment, then hopeful when the person reappears.

Experts suggest that people who are “zombied” should remember that they have the power and should respond accordingly.

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