Gordon Ramsay Warns Diners there’s One Thing You Should Never Order at a Restaurant


Gordon Ramsay, renowned chef and TV personality, has offered valuable advice to diners, warning them about one particular item they should never order at a restaurant.

As the star of Hell’s Kitchen and the owner of numerous successful restaurants, Ramsay is a respected figure in the culinary world. His expertise is further showcased on his popular TV show, Kitchen Nightmares, where he helps struggling eateries.

During an interview with Town & Country, Ramsay was asked about the one thing people should never order at a restaurant.

In response, he revealed that he would steer clear of the soup of the day.

According to Ramsay, there’s a chance that the restaurant might be serving leftover soup from the previous day, which means it isn’t fresh.

He advises customers to inquire about the previous day’s soup before ordering the daily special, as it could be the same soup from the previous month.

Ramsay also shared his thoughts on dining out on Valentine’s Day, calling it the “worst day of the year to go out” for a meal.

He explains that busy kitchens and overcrowded restaurants can hinder the true experience and atmosphere that a restaurant offers. Instead, he believes that there is nothing more romantic than cooking a meal for your partner at home on this special day.

In a previous interview with the Daily Mail, Ramsay provided three golden rules for customers to enhance their dining experience. He advised avoiding specials, being skeptical of exaggerated claims, and negotiating for wine prices.

Ramsay cautioned against ordering specials, stating that when a restaurant has a long list of specials, they often aren’t that special. He also urged diners to be wary of restaurants that claim certain menu items are “famous” without any evidence to support such claims.

When it comes to selecting wine, Ramsay acknowledged the fear that many people have of being overcharged by sommeliers. He recommended engaging with the sommelier and asking for their recommendation within a specific budget, such as keeping the price under $30.

Additionally, Ramsay advised booking a table for three instead of two to ensure a more comfortable dining experience. By reserving a table for three, customers can secure more space and avoid being seated in a cramped corner.

With his vast knowledge and experience in the restaurant industry, Gordon Ramsay’s insights serve as valuable guidance for diners seeking the best possible dining experience.

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