Hollywood Insiders Say ‘There is No Way Back’ for Amber Heard as She Faces Bankruptcy


Hollywood insiders say ‘there is no way back’ for Amber Heard as she faces bankruptcy following her loss in court against ex husband Johnny Depp.

Experts claim that she is ‘too icky for a studio’ creating doubt about whether she will be able to pay her ex husband the damages ordered by the court.

It was announced by the jury that Depp had won the case against Heard which started over her 2018 Washington Post op-ed where she claimed to be a victim of domestic abuse.

The Aquaman star has been ordered by the court to pay more than $8 million to Depp in damages.

It is not know what sort of financial backing the actress has but it did come out during her appearance in court that she was paid $1 million for her appearance in Aquaman. Many are scratching their heads at how she is going to be able to pay Depp what she owes.

Journalist and commentator, Megyn Kelly, said:

“I think she’s professionally ruined for the time being. I’m not sure whether she comes back from this, even in a town that’s very liberal and that would be much more in the knee jerk ‘I believe all women’ camp. The problem for her in Hollywood is the nation watched this trial, and they decided she was a liar and Depp was a truth-teller.”

“There was already a petition with, I don’t know, between 3 and 4 million. Maybe it’s more now to get her booted out of the next Aquaman sequel. They don’t wanna see her. She’s come to represent more than a woman who falsely accused a beloved actor. She’s come to represent all women, who women and men feel have made false accusations. Now that’s unfair, but that’s where we are. And that’s why I say she’s probably unemployable,”


PR Expert Mark Borkowski said:

‘There is no way back for Heard in Hollywood. If you’re sitting there making a movie or thinking about casting it, are you going to hire her?

Look at the huge outcry about Aquaman 2 [where a petition to have her kicked off the film hit four million signatures last night]. The trial pollutes any marketing or PR to launch a film.’


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