Home Depot Worker, 83, Dies after being Pushed Over by Shoplifter


An 83-year-old Home Depot has sadly died after being pushed over by a shoplifter.

On 18 October, Gary Rasor was working at Home Depot in North Carolina when a thief who was trying to drag a “shopping cart containing three pressure washers” pushed him out the way.

The US Army Veteran sadly fell and hit his head on a plant pot resulting in his death on 1 December 2022.

Hillsborough Police Department announced a day later that his death was caused by the ‘complications from the injuries’ he sustained from the thief.

Rasor’s wife told CBS17 that the hospital was planning to ‘send him to rehab to heal’ however, his condition took a turn for the worse and he was rushed to the ICU.

His wife, Yovone, said “I can’t get him back… that’s it.”

The police department are looking for the thief and person responsible.

This is horrific. Our hearts go out to Gary’s family and loved ones. RIP.

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