Howard Stern Slates ‘Annoying’ Coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s Death in US


Howard Stern has been vocal about his dislike for the ‘annoying’ coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s death in the US.

The late monarch died on 8 September 2022 and has been all over the media, the news and radio worldwide. She was the UK’s longest reigning monarch, serving on the throne for 70 years as well as the second longest reigning monarch in history. She was 96 when she died.

Her funeral, which is scheduled for Monday 19 September, is expected to be the most watched global live broadcast in TV history.

The radio personality is not enjoying the constant coverage however, telling his co-host Robin Quivers on Monday’s episode of the Howard Stern show:

‘It’s weird traditions and everything and I’m like, “Jesus, enough with the Queen!’

‘I mean, it’s America, we don’t have a Queen.’

‘I mean, I get it. The Queen was a nice lady, I guess,’

‘My whole life the Queen has been the same Queen and there’s a tradition there and she did her duty to her country, I get it, I get it, I get it.’

Listen below:

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