Hugely Popular Love Island Couple At Risk Of Being Dumped By Public Vote


A very popular Love Island couple are at risk of being kicked out by the public.

Andrew Le Page and Tasha Ghouri have been revealed to both be at risk of being dumped by public vote as they are in the bottom three least popular girls and boys.

The couple have failed to win over viewers after the vote was revealed on Thursday’s episode.

It came only hours after the 23-year-old model asked the 27-year-old estate agent to her her boyfriend.

After organizing a sweet hunt for him, Tasha admitted she was ‘falling for him more and more each day’.

The contestants then gathered around the infamous fire pit and the three least popular boys and girls were revealed. The girls being Summer, Coco and Tasha and the boys being Deji, Josh and Andrew.

Tasha announced that she was ‘expecting it’ after her name was called out.

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