Husband Desperately Fought to Save Wife who Died after Drinking Too much Water


In a heart-wrenching ordeal that unfolded during a lakeside vacation at Indiana’s Lake Freeman over the Fourth of July weekend, Cody Summers, the devoted husband of Ashley Summers, fought valiantly to save his wife’s life after she tragically succumbed to water intoxication.

The Summers family, comprising Ashley Summers, 35, Cody Summers, and their two daughters, Brooklyn and Brynlee, embarked on a lakeside retreat to enjoy the holiday festivities. However, the celebrations took an unforeseen and tragic turn when Ashley began experiencing severe dehydration and extreme lightheadedness.

Amid the sweltering heat, Ashley’s discomfort led her to consume copious amounts of water in an attempt to quench her unrelenting thirst and alleviate her distress. Her uncle, Deon Miller, recounted the distressing situation, sharing, “It was really hot, and they were out on the water. She had a headache and felt really thirsty.” Desperate to address her dehydration, Ashley consumed four 16oz bottled waters within a mere half-hour, according to WRTV.

Upon their return home, Ashley’s condition worsened, and she collapsed in their garage. Her husband Cody, driven by love and concern, swiftly administered CPR upon discovering her unconscious state. In a race against time, Cody rushed her to Indiana University Health Arnett Hospital, where medical professionals battled to save her life.

Deon Miller, Ashley’s uncle, shared the harrowing sequence of events that followed: “Cody gave her CPR and got her going a little bit, but by the time they got to the hospital and ran tests and everything, they had to put her on the ventilator. By that time, her brain had swelled enough that it shut all circulation off to her brain, and she was brain dead.”

Despite the valiant efforts of her husband and the medical team, Ashley never regained consciousness. Tragically, her family was faced with the heart-wrenching reality that she had succumbed to water toxicity.

Ashley’s untimely passing sent shockwaves through her family and community, leaving her loved ones in a state of disbelief. Her brother expressed the collective sentiment, reflecting on the gravity of her condition and the unforeseen danger posed by water toxicity.

Exploring the medical aspect of the tragedy, Alex Ebner, Owner of ACE Medical Company, elucidated the dangers of excessive water consumption. He cautioned, “According to scientists, a person will only live three days without water,” underscoring the importance of maintaining proper hydration levels. He emphasized the benefits of hydration in enhancing brain function, boosting energy, promoting cardiovascular health, and alleviating discomfort.

Dr. Alok Harwani, a physician at the hospital, echoed this sentiment, advising individuals to prioritize electrolyte-rich foods and beverages, such as fruits, alongside plain water, particularly when exposed to hot weather conditions. This balanced approach ensures the preservation of the delicate equilibrium between water and sodium levels in the bloodstream.

In the midst of their grief, Ashley’s family found solace in her selfless act of organ donation. Her heartbroken loved ones shared that Ashley’s generosity allowed her to donate her heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and portions of her long bone tissue, ultimately transforming her tragedy into a source of hope for five other lives.

In a touching display of support, a Venmo account has been established to assist Ashley’s children and cover medical expenses. Those wishing to contribute can use the username @Cody-Summers-16.

As the Summers family navigates the profound loss of a beloved wife, mother, and sister, our hearts go out to them during this difficult time. Their story serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of balance, awareness, and the precious gift of life.


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