Husband of Bride Killed on Wedding Day Speaks Out for the First Time


The husband of a bride tragically killed on her wedding day has broken his silence and spoken about the devastating incident.

Aric Hutchinson and Samantha Miller had just exchanged vows at their wedding reception in Folly Beach, North Carolina, when a golf cart carrying them was struck by an alleged drunk driver.

The golf cart held Aric, Samantha, and other family members, Benjamin and Brogan Garrett. Tragically, Samantha succumbed to her injuries, while Aric endured multiple reconstructive surgeries for broken bones and a brain injury. Benjamin and Brogan also suffered injuries.

The driver responsible for the crash has been identified as Jamie Komoroski. She faces charges of reckless vehicular homicide, along with three counts of felony driving under the influence (DUI) resulting in death and/or great bodily injury. According to the police report, her blood alcohol level was three times over the legal limit, and she appeared confused, stating, “All of a sudden something hit me. I did nothing wrong.”

In response to the charges, Jamie’s lawyers have urged people not to jump to conclusions and have expressed their belief that all facts will be revealed in court. They issued a statement extending sympathies to the families affected and emphasising the importance of justice and mercy within the judicial system.

A GoFundMe campaign initiated by Aric’s mother, Annette, has raised over $720,000 for his family. Aric now faces the challenges of both his medical recovery and the painful task of planning his wife’s funeral, a stark contrast to the life they had envisioned together.

Recently, Aric made his first visit to the beach where he and Samantha exchanged vows since the tragic accident. Accompanied by family members, they entered the sea and cast flowers with “Sam” inscribed on the stems into the water. Reflecting on the gesture, Aric shared his wife’s appreciation for the tribute.

He expressed, “She would’ve loved it. This is Sam. I mean, she’s a beach girl, through and through. We used to walk here almost every morning, and this is her send-off for sure. She’s up there smiling for sure.”

Despite the immense grief, Aric also shared that he is gradually feeling better physically, acknowledging the overwhelming support and outpouring of love from those around him. He expressed gratitude for the sincere and compassionate gestures of people who felt touched by Samantha’s life.

As reported by Live 5, Aric watched from his wheelchair as well-wishers paddled into the sea and cast the flowers bearing Samantha’s name from the shoreline.


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