Identity of ‘Tulane Girl’ From The Cotton Bowl Has Been Revealed


If you’ve been on TikTok lately, chances are you’ve seen the video of the fan who became a viral sensation at the Cotton Bowl.

The video, which has been viewed millions of times, shows the student, identified as Ellie Fazio, enthusiastically cheering on her team and dancing in the stands.

But who is this TikTok star, and how did she become a viral sensation? Let’s take a closer look at the story of the Tulane girl who stole the show at the Cotton Bowl.

The Viral Video That Launched a Thousand TikToks

The video of Fazio at the Cotton Bowl who posted it to Twitter. The video quickly gained traction, racking up millions of views and thousands of comments within just a few days.

The Tulane girl has now revealed herself to be Ellie Fazio, and she dropped a TikTok to introduce herself to her many new followers.


Easy find #tulanegirl #cottonbowl

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Meet Ellie Fazio: The TikTok Star from the Cotton Bowl.

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