Internet Does Not Hold Back after Mariah Carey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Performance


The internet has absolutely annihilated Mariah Carey after her Thanksgiving Day Parade show.

The self-title “Queen of Christmas” wore a huge pink dress, a crown (ofc)  and carried a matching diamond encrusted umbrella.

In her usual “Mariah Carey” style, she did not take part in the dancing while singing her festive hit “All I Want for Christmas”.

Sports journalist Ian Hest wrote on Twitter:

“Mariah Carey is getting millions right now to just stand there with her umbrella and honestly I’m not mad. Mad respect.”

While Nick Russo wrote:

“I love the lack of energy Mariah Carey gives in her performances. It’s the one thing we can all count on,”

Another viewer wrote:

“mariah carey getting paid to just stand there at the thanksgiving parade and not even pretend to be actually singing to the backing track lmfao queen behavior,”

Watch her performance below:

A true Queen!

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